Outcast is a word I never knew, until I felt though I was one. I always knew I was different and weird in many ways. Whether it was my corny personality, appearance when I was younger(not wearing the latest in fashion), or even traumatic life events and experiences that would bring out a questionable type of behavior attached with depression and anxiety. As an adult I started to experience it even more, now I have 2 teenager daughters that seems to want to repeat the same pattern.

From mid 200’s I started reading self empowerment books, meditating, fasting, praying, exercising, in order to maintain  a balance mental health.  Yes it is a challenge if you are in the outside looking into this everyday lifestyle that some of us have to keep balance and our loved ones of those to whom it affects. Love, peace, understanding, empathy, sympathy, and many other factors play a part in our balanced life. Every year we see, experience and understand all of the changes and growth that constantly happens with the world of technology. Why not understand a natural way to heal ourselves and go in depth with understanding our brain frequencies function in order to correct the chemical imbalance. Instead they research and study different ways of prescribing a part time solution in the form of  pill to numb ourselves for a couple of hours.

It is up to us to bring ourselves and our loved ones into overall good health.  And I truly believe that we can, from mental to physical, and spiritual. It is a process and it is okay. A process of seasons  goes in accordance with our planet and the world that we live in.  We are all one. We feel, we love, we create, and plant good seeds of love in the world that we live in. Mental balance is overall good health, it all starts with our mind. If your computer catches a virus, you identify the problem, and you get rid of it. The same goes with the mental stigma and its overall health.