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Bachelor’s degree is a creative process that always requires a great strain of all intellectual resources, professionalism and, most importantly, when there is work for the soul. Only in the process of creating unique projects and writing scientific articles can your talents and capabilities be revealed. But it is not only scientific work.

We give students a great opportunity to participate in All-Russian Olympiads organized by the Analytic Center and receive grants for scientific research, contests to develop research projects for MSU students.

Our Center is not just an institution of additional education. We adhere to the concept of continuity in working with young people and attract the best traditions and modern technology to nurture a positive outlook, an active lifestyle, professional competence and active citizenship in young people.

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During one course, students receive an in-depth study of science and in-depth perception of theology, a creative laboratory for the preparation of creative student papers to defend, participation in scientific conferences.

For more information, we draw your attention to the reviews of students, their successes and achievements on the USE.

As a rule, young people come to ANALYTIK with qualities that need to be changed in order to be successful in the modern world and to look into the future with confidence. We help students shape these qualities by unlocking their personal potential.

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