Mission:       Enhance the lives of those affected by youth behavioral health challenges through awareness promotion and advocacy.

The 2017 Georgia System of Care (SOC) State Plan focuses on children, adolescents, and emerging adults (ages 4-26) with Severe Emotional Disorders (SED), defined as diagnosable mental, behavioral, or emotional disorders that interfere with or limit the child’s role or functioning in family, school, or community activities.

Stomp The Stigma work is designed to support all three segments of this population (using SED as a baseline), implementing the Collective Impact Model.  Those segments are 1) Unaffected; 2) Affected; and 3) Post-Affected.

  • Unaffected (Does not meet/has never met SED criteria) – Awareness/Compass Assessments
    1. Those who have been assessed and results show no SED risk
    2. Those who have not been assessed and show no observable SED risk
  • Affected (Currently meets SED criteria) – Forums, Wellness Walks and other events supports SOC efforts, promoting treatment/recovery facilities at local and statewide events
  • Post-Affected (No longer meets SED criteria) – Speaker Series, PSAs, and Forums

In addition, STS conducts regular focus groups, listening sessions, and digital forums to gain ongoing insights about youth behavioral health perspectives of children, adolescents, emerging adults, parents, school social workers/administrators, and professionals (including psychologists, psychiatrists, and pediatricians).