Delivering Safe, Healthy and Productive Lives is Our Goal and Our Privilege.

Stomp The Stigma System Of Care (SOC) is committed to promoting positive life outcomes and bright futures for our society’s most vulnerable children. Research indicates vulnerable youth often experience challenges that place them at risk of low educational, social, economic, and health outcomes. To address this need, SOC was created to address the burgeoning school to prison pipeline and has since evolved to meet the emerging needs of our society’s most vulnerable youth.

SOC imgInnovative Solution

We begin by cultivating an interagency collaborative that serves as a network of pro-social support along the continuum of care model. Partnering agencies provide evidence based programs and services to students at risk of poor life outcomes.

Our continuum of care model is based on the premise that the complex needs of our society’s most vulnerable youth can best be addressed through the coordinated care of multiple agencies and committed actors in the community.